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Jun 15, 2017

You’re a great dad– or at least trying. Great! 

Now it’s time to begin thinking about upping your game, by setting your sights on the real prize: Winning Your Children’s “World’s Greatest Dad” Award OR AT LEAST the title of “Hero.” 

But what does it take to become our kids’ champion?

Three things, explained fully in this special Father's Day Podcast Seminary episode.

The Sure-Fire Way to Clinch Your Kid’s “Hero” Title

1. Provide Memorable Experiences

2. Give Spiritual Wisdom and Godly Advice

3. Inject Experiences With Adventure and Play


Happy Father’s Day, Dads!


NOTE: This episode is intended to be a 'sharable resource.'  See details below.

Do you have a difficult relationship with your father, or painful memories that you'd like to shake?  Why not, in the privacy of your mobile device or computer, download the just-released Podcast Seminary 9 page resource "Fatherless" which speaks to the challenge of having been neglected, ignored, or wounded by your father.  Or, if you don't need it, why not get one and share it with others who do?

In this special resource, Podcast Seminary Dean, Dr. Freddy Cardoza, provides an enormous number of solid resources to help provide encouragement, healing, and perspective to sons and daughters who had difficult relationships with their dads.  You'll also find helps and perspectives, if you happen to be a dad who has room for improvement in your own parenting or fathering approach. 

Unique in its design and content, this is a resource that provides:

  • 25 links to websites specifically devoted to those hurt by their fathers
  • 25 links to important web-based articles on all aspects of this topic
  • 25 links to books that specifically target all aspects of fathering

That's 75 resources!  All a click away.

In addition, there are two special prayers in this dossier-- one being a prayer for those hurt by their dad, and another for fathers seeking to be good dads.

These would be appropriate resources for (1) personal healing and (2) a Father's Day Dinner Toast or Prayer [specifically the touching prayer/reading for fathers trying to be good dads to their kids and grandkids].  

This is something you have to see.  Download it instantly right now.  See this amazing resource now:

Here are 3 pages of this 9 page resource!

Cover, Fatherless Resource by Podcast Seminary


Sample page from Fatherless resource

Partial View of 2 Prayers/Toast/Readings for Father's Day