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Jul 21, 2017


Lots of people wonder how to do it, but never ask. 

Now that tens of millions listen to podcasts weekly, it's time for "knowing how to subscribe to and play podcasts" to become common cultural knowledge. 

Just like everyone knows how to use a QWERTY keyboard, create a PowerPoint, or download an app, it's necessary in our world to be able to access the enormous troves of information available in podcasts. 

Here's the Podcast Seminary One-Minute Guide.  In it, you'll "Learn How to Subscribe to a Podcast (in only one minute)." 

Then, after you master this important skill, be sure to pass it on to others.  Seriously.  It's simply a fact that a great many people hear about but don't know how to engage audio podcasts. 

And Podcast Seminary and others in the podcasting community want to help equip you so you'll be able to learn and enjoy the wonders of wisdom available in this tremendous medium of human communication.

Enjoy-- then share!