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Podcast Seminary helps you grow in your faith. Get informed and be transformed by our comprehensive, practical, and biblical discipleship provided in nine essential categories: Foundations, Formation, Ministry, Bible, Apologetics, Theology, Leadership, Life, and Specialty. Subscribe and let Podcast Seminary systematically fill gaps in your biblical knowledge, making you a person of greater impact, influence, and integrity (Bio)


Introducing Podcast Seminary (E001)

May 19, 2017

Podcast Seminary helps you grow in your faith. 

We do this by creating content in every major thought space: audio podcasts, written blogs, video vlogs, and a host of social media. 

Podcast Seminary has been launched to address issues related to faith, Christian discipleship, and ministry. Our resources are created to inspire, inform, and instruct people to get informed and be transformed by the power of truth.

Our content is being arranged into 9 essential categories of truth that every believer should understand in order to build a Christian worldview and to be a fully-informed disciple. 

Our 9 Essential Categories

  1. Foundations
  2. Formation
  3. Ministry
  4. Apologetics
  5. Bible
  6. Theology
  7. Leadership
  8. Life
  9. Specialized


The Whole Counsel of God

These categories are essentially what the Apostle Paul meant in Acts 20:27 when he said that he did not hesitate to proclaim the "whole counsel of God."  In other words, truth should be provided to people in systematic, comprehensive, practical, and biblical ways. 

Most Christians do not receive this type of discipleship experience, and that leads to personal confusion, biblical illiteracy, and a lack of spiritual power.  Though resources in these areas, we will help people fill the gaps in their biblical and discipleship knowledge, then be equipped to live with integrity and power. 

Resources are being created for both spiritual seekers and devoted believers.  To request resources you need, simply email the Dean of Podcast Seminary, Dr. Freddy Cardoza, with your ideas at or through our general communication loop,

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