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Podcast Seminary helps you grow in your faith. Get informed and be transformed by our comprehensive, practical, and biblical discipleship provided in nine essential categories: Foundations, Formation, Ministry, Bible, Apologetics, Theology, Leadership, Life, and Specialty. Subscribe and let Podcast Seminary systematically fill gaps in your biblical knowledge, making you a person of greater impact, influence, and integrity (Bio)


Aug 20, 2018

What is the secret to spiritual power? How do some people possess unusual intimacy with God and evidence of His powerful presence in their lives? It isn't magic. It's authentic power that comes from applying these important principles that you can act upon right...

Aug 22, 2017


Why Your Pills Aren't Solving Your Problems

25% of Americans saw a Mental Health Professional sometime in the last year.

Let that sink in.

As a part of the How to Have a Clear Conscience series, Podcast Seminary addresses several enormous issues facing people in today’s world and particularly in the United States.

Aug 17, 2017


Podcast Seminary features the ministry of Phokos (pronounced "focus") in this important episode.  

Global Phokos is a Christian non-profit 501(c) organization that provides housing to godly men who need it so they can share the message of the cross to a world that needs it. 

It focuses on the needs of housing to...

Aug 13, 2017


Little is more important in life than making good choices. 

And daily we find ourselves making dozens and dozens of choices.  In fact, a recent study by Cornell University reported that the average person in the United States makes 227 choices daily-- just involving issues related to food (Wansink and Sobal, 2007)! ...

Jul 30, 2017

John of the Cross was a friar who was an important faith leader in the 1500s, following the Protestant Reformation.  He was known for his deep insight into the human psyche and his ability to perceive the condition of the soul.

In this amazing work, the Dark Night of the Soul, John got a glimpse into the depths of the...