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Apr 19, 2018

Tom Bruner is funny.  Really funny.  But he's also a deep person with a fascinating story.  His is one of hurt, hope, and healing-- and he tells about his amazing experiences of God's grace throughout his life in this 45 minute tell-all that is not to be missed. 

After listening, read Tom regularly at his blog,...

Apr 9, 2018

Some have wanted to know the real back story of my life, and how I came to be who I am.  My friend Tom Bruner of Bruner's Break encouraged me to do an intimate interview with him in Studio B Los Angeles.  The result is this unrehearsed, unpolished, but honest look into my life and what makes me tick.  My sincere thanks...

Apr 6, 2018


Manhood is about standing firm.  On one hand, there are men with bad behavior that is truly 'toxic.'  On the other hand, some of what is promoted as toxic masculinity is nothing more than masculinity itself-- including some examples of biblical manhood.  

We live in a time when men must stand up and be counted,...

Apr 6, 2018


Join Pastor Tom Kang, Saddleback Church Men's Pastor, as he speaks at the 2018 Saddleback Men's Retreat at Forest Home Conference Center (California), as he gives a powerful message on finding your identity.  Listen and share!


Apr 5, 2018

From our world of safe spaces and excessive-sensitivity comes the need to see real men step up into responsibility and maturity.  In this special extended session, Dr. Freddy Cardoza talks about how to put the man child to bed in order to man up against temptation and guilt. 

Straight from Saddleback Church Men's...