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Aug 31, 2017

Parenting isn't easy.  Christian parenting is even harder. 

As believers, we need help thinking about the biblical purpose of parenting, in addition to specific suggestions and wisdom regarding good parenting.  When we do it right, our kids have a greater chance of becoming all they were created to be. 

Listen in as...

Aug 24, 2017

Christian discipleship, including evangelism and the sharing of the gospel, is in trouble in many of today's churches.  This is something that can be addressed, but not without the resolve and sustained attention of churches and their leaders. 

In this important dialogue on the subject by Podcast Seminary Dean, Dr....

Aug 24, 2017

What is required to be a good citizen?  What does it mean to be an American citizen? Meant for people of all our 25+ nations who currently listen to Podcast Seminary, this is a message targeted to Americans-- but a discussion that all citizen Christians should ask.

Specifically, I think Americans need to ask themselves...

Aug 22, 2017


Why Your Pills Aren't Solving Your Problems

25% of Americans saw a Mental Health Professional sometime in the last year.

Let that sink in.

As a part of the How to Have a Clear Conscience series, Podcast Seminary addresses several enormous issues facing people in today’s world and particularly in the United States.

Aug 18, 2017


In this special episode, Podcast Seminary Dean, Dr. Freddy Cardoza, answers the questions:

  • What does Islam teach?
  • What do Muslims believe? 
  • Why are factions of Muslims frequently at war with one another? 
  • What is Sharia Law?
  • What are the Five Pillars of Islam
  • Who was Muhammad?
  • What was Muhammad's Night Journey?
  • Is...