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Sep 6, 2017

DACA: Why You’ll Agree Trump Did the Right Thing

President Trump did the right thing. I think you’ll agree.

If you currently have the position that DACA should be in place and that President Trump did the wrong thing then you should certainly hear me out.   This is especially true for people of faith as they are...

Jun 15, 2017

You’re a great dad– or at least trying. Great! 

Now it’s time to begin thinking about upping your game, by setting your sights on the real prize: Winning Your Children’s “World’s Greatest Dad” Award OR AT LEAST the title of “Hero.” 

But what does it take to become our kids’ champion?

Three things,...

May 8, 2017

Fear is a debilitating emotion that grips us all.  Sometimes fear is irrational.  At other times fear comes with the threat of genuine danger.  For most, fear is multiplied by our feelings of inadequacy-- our recognition that we do not have the power to overcome the source of our fear.  

In the new Podcast Seminary...